Social Maestros

LKP ARCHITECTURE is an all-rounder focusing on architectural design. It integrates between architecture, land and society. Architecture contributes as an element of society; yet social development shapes architecture then becomes a projection of the society.

Architecture is more than art and the advancement of techniques; but evolution of social complexity. Western architecture pioneers in arts and technology; but Asia stands with its rich culture and long history. Its society is vibrant and in the rise, therefore issues faced with society and land use are ever more complicated. To address these, LKP considers architecture from the angle of cultural and social aspects. The philosophy for LKP is ‘Social Maestros’. Our mission is the coalescence of architecture as a business with the rich cultural deposit.

Civilization is the ultimate of human pursue, it is neither materialism nor craftsmanship. Flourish of civilization is based on spiritual healing. We believe that architecture is a ‘living species’ and plays an important role to the society. Bearing ‘Social Maestros’ in mind, it practices balancing between urban development and the environment through innovation.

Owing to its practicing architects, LKP’s originality is never to be limited by existing resources. We provide scrutinized services matching any requests made. With a ‘client-first’ heart, we serve and grow with our clients.

Our mission has always been delivering personalized design projects that provide exclusive solutions to integrate creativity and practicality whilst harmonize with the surroundings. As ‘Social Maestros’ our design roots on society needs and tendency of the day. From planning to constructing, landscape to interior design, we provide solutions originating from human needs and incorporate the living style into our projects.

LKP ARCHITECTURE strives to be a pioneer, be liable, and to envision the future together with our clients as ‘Social Maestros’.