Hung-Tsung Ko
LKP Architecture, IA-KOO Design Studio

Hung-Tsung Ko is the founder of LKP ARCHIECTURE, he has delved in architecture for the last three decades and more. He is an extraordinary figure in Taiwanese design industry. His pioneering, cutting-edge residential designs over 20 years ago set the standard for subsequent residential architectural development in Taiwan. Now, he has spearheaded the concept of “Social Maestros” to inspire an emphasis on culture and society. He regards architecture as a ‘living species’ which cycles with life. When a design stems from nature, with elements “Wind, Light, Water, Green”, not only is it organic but also its occupants will be at ease with its features. This kind of building demonstrates the social significance and value of architecture; at the same time allows its occupants to coherent in harmony with the earth.

Ko believes that architecture serves multiple functions. It can be visual, commercial or environment-oriented; it coexists with the land. Therefore, LKP strives to bridge between commercial value and budgets. In Ko’s opinion, competition over aesthetics and techniques are ‘weak competition’. It is only when architects take in humanism and the true value of architecture is tested and proven that there is ‘real competition’.

Passionate about architectural design, he creates architectural drawings by hand everyday to convey his feelings and thoughts through dialogue with every stroke and line. With enthusiasm, abundant expertise and rich experiences, Ko gains insights into architectural development trends. With a down to earth character, he listens to clients’ needs, sees from the clients’ point of view and proposes most ideal design solutions that are in-line with market trends and generates the highest return on investment for the land. As a result, he has garnered an unshakable reputation in the Taiwanese design market.